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Private Sector

Leading role in the production of goods and services in Sweden, played by the private sector. It can be big business, the dominant industries, op-redelyayuschih export specialization, particularly in the manufacturing industry. The rest of the private sector consists of small and medium-sized firms. According to this criterion, private companies can be divided into 2 groups. One concerns a great number of small firms in which the founder, owner and managing director of the often one and the same litso.V another group includes large Company's registered on the Stock Exchange. Over the past decade in the ownership structure of the group have been big changes. Significantly decreased the percentage of shares owned by households (the population) and the private individual by the people - from 47% in 1975 to 21% in 1985, while the insurance, investment-onnye and non-financial companies, foundations, including Among the State General Pension Fund (VPF), has increased - from 53% in 1975. to 79% in 1985 (including 7% owned by foreigners). During the war period occurred after the fall of the share of very large individual shareholder - with 70% in 1951, with up to approximately 20% in 1985 - primarily due to higher tax rates on income and property.

Thus, the institutional ownership to a large extent replaced by private individuals. Currently, the 20 largest holders of equity portfolio - agencies. Particularly increased the proportion of non-financial, investment and insurance companies, which in 1985 accounted for 14, 14 and 10%. Enhancing the role of non-financial companies engaged in commercial activity completely, occurred due to various prichin.Nekotorye are introduced to them by subsidiaries on the stock exchange, while maintaining a significant and often-lyayuschuyu filing of the shares in its possession. Other selling a company or department of, receive as payment, buying shares of the company. Some large blocks of shares arising as a result of long-term close co-operation of firms. Routine was "strategic" investment in equities. This helped to high liquidity of many companies due to sales growth and profits since 1982, the leu, in particular, "Skanska" bought "Sandvik", "Volvo" - a significant portion "Farmasiya" and "Stura" - "Suidish Match."

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