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Mixed economy

The current economic system in Sweden is usually characterized as a mixed economy. It is based on the market on competitive terms with the active use of government regulation that represent No-economic basis of Swedish model. Under the mixed economy refers to the combination, the correlation and interaction of the basic forms of ownership in the capital of Sweden listicheskom market economy: private, public and cooperative the action. Each of these forms has taken its niche, performs its function in the on-tion system of economic and social interactions. The vast majority of (about 85%) of all Swedish companies employing over 50 people at-nadlezhat private capital. For private enterprises account for 75% of employment in the manufacturing sector, of which 8% are working in foreign-owned capital pitalu firms. The remainder is produced by the State and cooperatives, for each of 11-13%. The public sector expanded and the share of cooperative on almost unchanged from 1965.

In addition to these three forms of ownership, there are many companies with a mixed property company owned by trade unions, savings banks, etc. However, their share is very small.

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