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AUTOMOTIVE Industry of the RF

Automotive Russia the same throughout
covers all post-war years, increasing both the volume of output,
and its scientific and technological potential, constantly reducing the gap
the technical level between domestic cars and the best-Zar
bezhnymi analogues.
However, the general unstable economic and political circum -
save your settings prevailing in the country in recent years, led first to the
slower growth, and in 1991 - 1994 gg. - And substantially
reduce the production of automotive engineering, the responsibilities
research and development work. This trial -
Lem has become particularly acute in research institutes
industry: they are almost completely stopped the search research
Nia and the development of advanced conceptual machines, their parts and
systems in the near future, of course, affect the technical
Český level of our cars.
The main reasons for this situation - this is a significant reduction
tion of public financing of scientific developments, as well as
disinterest enterprises to invest in long-term
projects. There was a third reason: some confusion ruko -
lished research and development organi -
zations, their unwillingness to seek new forms of work organization, and its a -
her activities. However, in recent years, many scientific and pro -
tion and organizations, institutes and industrial design
unit, together with the newly created public and commercial
cal structures have begun to adapt to new conditions. Pre -
kazatelstvo to - renewal in 1993, works to create
automotive development programs in Russia and a number
other CIS countries, the development avtobusostroeniya etc.

The place and importance of the automotive industry in the economy
Rossiyskoy Federation.

State of affairs in the domestic automotive industry in many ways
defined in the present instability in all spheres of ob -
substantially life, especially in industrial production in the tse -
scrap in the country. According to Goskomstat of Russia, to slow the decline
production in the current year remains elusive. In general, for the nine-IU
syatsev 1995, industrial output fell by 17,6%.
Rapid increase in prices due to the liberalization in 1992
caused the insolvency of enterprises, led to a shortage of about -
of company funds, control the production process and the destabilization
their financial situation. There have been a sharp decline in investment
activity, the withdrawal of long-term construction programs. On the deep -
sideways phasing out the business activity indicates, for example,
the fact that the launch of the 393 objects automotive indus -
ty, funded by the federal budget, only three
put into operation and at three sites partially implemented
input capacity.
In the automotive industry, as in all engineering,
intensified centrifugal tendencies in the relations between traditional
MI partners, collapsing cooperations enterprises that
were separated by the boundaries of newly formed independent
Highlights of the automotive indus -
ty for 1991 (more recent data could not be found) are given in
Table 1, taken from [2].

The table shows that although the rate of growth of output-that
Varna products at comparable prices of automobile in 1991
year and amounted to 103,8% for the rest of the indicators observed
decline. Growth in profit is due to only 3.29 times as high
prices and does not reflect the state of "health" industry.
In the automotive industry employs, according to
1991 1,114,336 people. That makes 97,2% of the workforce in 1990, in
including the number of industrial personnel equal
nyalas 963,386 people. (97% by 1990), 771,241 of them working people.
(96.8% by 1990).
Significant excess of revenue growth over the growth of productivity
CONTRACT PERIOD labor was one of the main causes of inflationary pro -

processes that have come out with special force in 1991-1993.
Profitability (yield) Automobile Manufacturer
lished in 1991 amounted to 39,3% (as a percentage of cost).
Automotive is still a highly profitable
branches of industrial production Russia.

Modern territorial organization of the motor pro -

Factors influencing the placement industry.

Factors placing assumed [1] set of different
GOVERNMENTAL spatial uneven conditions and resources, with IP -
use that achieve the best results in terms of
selected criteria and the goal placed a productive
Distinguish the following groups of factors: natural - the number -
WIDE reserves and quality of natural resources, mining and geo -
methodological and other conditions of their production and use, the Climate -
Kie, hydrogeological, orography, etc.; ecological
cal - security and constructive activities for Lean JS -
use of natural resources and promote healthy living and
labor conditions for the population, technical - and achieved the WHO -
sible level of technique and technology, socio - demographic --
availability of labor resources, the state of social infra -
ruktury; economic - economic, geographical and transport
position, cost, capital and operating costs, construction time -
ment, production efficiency, purpose and quality of pro -
duktsii, territorial, economic relations etc.
Positioning the automotive industry does not affect commodity
and fuel and energy resources, weakly affect consumption regions
finished products, is greatly affected by the workforce.

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  1. I think the automotive industry is well-developed in Russia.I only regret that there is not such a big brand like BMW,Ferrari,Mercedes Benz,etc. in Russia.